A Picture Speaks Louder than a 1000 Words!


After the death of my first Frenchie in  1992,  I remarked, "Nobody knows how wonderful this pet is.  I am going to learn to show them and will  breed them so others can experience the joy of owning a French Bulldog."  There were very few Frenchies in Oklahoma at that time.  Somehow the secret got out!   They have become a very popular companion dog.   My focus on the breed has never changed.   Coming back to me are  reports of family joy in their Frenchie family  "happenings".  




Ruby May joined Dr. Sara i 2006.  Guess who is the Boss of the May household?  Daughter of Ch. Funtik Milashka and Ch. Fancibuls Tresor D'Or.


Thanks to Lisa and Grant, Winston had opportunity to graduate cum laude from his PuppySchool

"Cloak of a Philosopher and
Heart of a Clown"

Rocco accompanies his "dad" to the office to cheer up waiting patients.

(Lucky dog owned by Dr. Harry & Carol Friedman)






Is it a Dawg's Life or what?


Love Knows No Boundaries

What a grouch!!!

Truly a "Family Pet"

A dog that Mixes with the whole
family and other breeds too -

 This may or may not be the breed for  you.  They can have special needs for training and maintenance.  Please do research.  Maybe my ForeFAQS  will help.