Karen K. Fore-Monroe,  AKC BREEDER OF MERIT


were bred by husband Bob and I  in  Tecumseh, OK from 1994  through 2011.  After Bob's passing, The Fancibuls and I, now Karen Fore-Monroe, relocated in my birthplace in Oklahoma City near Choctaw.

OUR HISTORY:  My first-time introduction to the French bull dog breed was in 1992. This was a rare breed at that time.   I watched a  little impish creature running in a backyard coursing in circle 8's  who stopped to bow at my feet with   the famous "playbow".  I learned later that this is  typical Frenchie behavior.  This adorable little creature home went home with me.  Her life was short. However, that  brief encounter with a  French bulldog   led  to a personal  L'Affair du Coeur with the breed of French bulldogs.    By  1994, I had become a hobbyist learning to train and show my Fancibuls.   The   first Fancibul  litter was born in November 1994.  With my awkward attempt to handle "Match", the  keeper from my first homebred litter, my bully   won a 5 pt. major as Best of Breed when  we celebrated  his 6 mos. birthday .    I became focused on  grasping the AKC standard of the breed, researching the breed's history, perusing pedigrees ,genetics, excitement of  caring for Frenchie puppies, learning to train and then present my Fancibuls in AKC conformation shows.   It is a  challenge to plan a healthy mating and give love and special care to a French bulldog.  Without that, they cannot live a happy, healthy and long life!  

FAST FORWARDING TO 2021, Fancibuls have evolved into a bloodline that has champions in many countries of the world and also a family of dogs  that has increased one-third in longevity since the first litter of 1994 when parents and grandparents of my first four Frenchies lived to be 9 l/2 to 10 1/2 years of age.   Although  Prior to 1992, I  had owned cocker spaniels ,  the rare breed of Anatolian shepherds,  a Komondor for guarding property, and later an English bulldog and shih zhu to breed and show, no other breed   captured my heart like this breed which  is often referred to as the  "dog in the cloak of a clown with a heart of a philosopher.  I decided to breed only Frenchies.

THE SECRET GOT OUT!  From popularity in the 1920's, the breed had became largely invisible in the USA.  I was  smitten with the uniqueness of their playful nature, loving devotion,  minimal  grooming , and the  size and temperament  for a household pet.   Little known in 1992,  the breed rose in 2015 to No. 6  most popular purebred breed  registered with The American Kennel  Club; by 2021, the French bulldog became No. 2 in popularity.   Although we have several French Bulldog puppies and an occasional "retiree" for sale each year, I must limit my breeding program to a couple of litters per year.    I will be the first to admit that a French bulldog is NOT the breed for every fancier of purebred dogs nor  ideal pet for every home.   If deciding whether a French Bulldog  is the right pet for your family, take time to   read "Am I The One?"

FANCIBUL FOCUS:  Dedicated to breeding healthy, lapsize French bulldogs that meet the AKC standard for physical conformation and temperament in a pursuit to produce quality and preserve the breed standard.

Adults Screened  by Vets /Vet Specialists Before Breeding
Puppies are Kitchen-Raised, Nurtured, Behaviorally Shaped 
All Agreements and Health Guarantees  in Writing
Arrive with Microchip, Current Vaccination & Wormings



For a dogtalk, call Karen
cell:  (405)250-3171



FANCIBUL is a "show kennel" which has evolved with a 26-year history of producing
healthy, high quality French Bulldogs that  successfully  compete  in the American Kennel Club  conformation competitions, obedience, and/or rallies.   FANCIBULS are represented by champions in many other countries of the world.  Since not all are destined for show business in the Sport of Dogs,  I often have puppies for sale  as  pet/companions. Watch the AvailABul page for announcements.  By an email request, you may receive newsletters that update plans for upcoming litters.   Write fancibul@aol.com.

 FANCIBUL FRENCH BULLDOGS  have achieved 70 plus AKC  titles in  conformation competition;  10 Fancibuls  have top show awards  in conformation events held  in France,  Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Taiwan, Russia and Eastern European competitions.   Several  have had success  in obedience, rallies, or agility competitions.  Some Fancibuls have become therapy dogs to patients  in children and adult  facilities.    A few   became the foundation for  top breeders  in other countries.    Most were   trained and handled by their proud owners.    Our latest AKC champs are CH FANCIBULS-SWEET T 20FORE KT GOLD (Katie), FANCIBULS MATCHPLAY (Andre), CH FANCIBULS FINISHING TOUCH, CH FANCIBUL GRANDE BOULE DE FEU,  GR CH FANCIBULS BFF BARRY.    For those now showing, look at the Show Biz page.

GREATEST JOY:    Besides providing others with the joy of owning a FANCIBUL FRENCH BULLDOG puppy,   I have added one other facet to my original goal:   After 29  years of owning a Frenchie  and 28 years in the Sport of Dogs,   I  now  derive gratification from  helping the next  generation of  fanciers enjoy this hobby  as they develop  their own  breeding programs.   I hope to leave a legacy to this  breed that has given so much to my life  over the years.   It's gratifying to learn of  the  daily life as FANCIBULS   are enjoying life  with others around the world.  I sense that I am a  part of their joy in living their dream .

SERVICE TO THE BREED.  I  have been a member of the French Bull Dog Club of America  since 1996.  This national breed club has the distinction of being the first among  AKC-sanctioned national breed clubs.  I have given time to serve as  Breeder Referral person;  Chair Person for the Breeder's Education Committee; an  associate member of the Dallas/Fort Worth French Bulldog Club (a regional club for fanciers);  I received Breeder of Distinction Award from the French Bull Dog Club of America;  in 2010; and am an   AKC  BREEDER OF MERIT.  I am in compliance with the Code of Ethics of the French Bull Dog Club of America.  Please check www.FBDCA.org  for information about the breed, ethical breeders, and policies established in the Code of Ethics.

Wildcard Judge (left)  at the Top Twenty Event
  of  the FBDCA Natl. Specialty 2008. 

Breeder of Distinction Award
2010 FBDCA Specialty

FANCIBULS receive the Breeders' Choice of supplements:  NuVet Plus, a human-grade nutrient  an FDA registered Lab.  If you'd like to try NuVet Plus or NuJoint , call 1-800-474-7044 and use my Order Code 93839 for a discount.